CBCA 4395
DOB 25 April 05
Sire: Handhills Robbie-Norman Close
Dam: That'lldo Jenny-Elvin Kopp(breeder)
OFA: Good BCO-6998G29F-PI
CERF: Cleared 2008
CEA DNA Carrier
Kate competes in -Ranch/Open
*** Kate is now retired from our breeding program***

Kate was purchase as a started dog in Feb 2008 from Norm Close we have come a long way as a working team. Kate is teaching me in becoming a better handler, she is sharp, intense and always gives me her 200%
Kate is our main farm dog here, she will get the job done what ever you give her to do...
Kate gave us 2 beautiful litters
Kate x Roy 2009 (Vtec, Ikuma & Hazard)
Kate x  Casey  2008 (Detour, Teg, Gruve, Joe, Fae & Kitt )