Due to the Covid-19 virus he have had a cancellation  for pups 

So Cullen has become available




I am looking for Performance or Working homes  - NO PETS sorry ! 

He is a smooth coat pup 

please contact  me for more information
















We are looking at the possibility to breed Ewenique Peg ( Mia x Drift) to Roy

Roy is OFA good, Elbow normal, SN,CEA,TNS,IGS  EAOD Clear, Roy is 20.5 inch and 42lbs

Peg -(hips-elbow good and cleared ) CEA/SN Carrier, TNS/IGS Clear , Peg is a small dog 18 inch 30 lbs

We expect Black/white smooth and Rough coat pups from this cross


contact us if you are interested in this cross 

these will be offered to Working or Sports homes only sorry no Pets!


Pups out of Roy and Peg

Jock ISDS 327212-Ricky Hutchison

2016 Int Sup -10 2015 Intr Br, Eng BR Champ 2015 Eng Nat -12

Lyn ISDS 271128 (R. Hutchison)

Spot ISDS 253845 N.F McVicar

Bess ISDS 248474 - I Brownlie

Elsa ISDS 328336 - Emma Gray

Bill ISDS 263313 -P Bristow

Alie ISDS 263948- P. Bristol

Megan ISDS 311449-Ricky Hutchison

Dot ISDS 277595- P Turnbull

Deltabluez Drift


Buckaroo Biscuit ABC 164591

AltaPete Teddy ABC 260033-Ron Green

Imported Teg ABC 262558-Linda Hansen

Dale ISDS 248762- Pennant William

Jess ISDS 252467- R Williams

Kinloch Penny ISDS 305855

pic (Angie Driscoll) 2014 W3/ Nat 8

## Joe ISDS 272330- B Dalziel

2012 S NAT 3 2011 INT Q 13/ SCOT Nat 1 2009 Int Sup 9/ Scot Nat 1 2008 World Q 6 2006 International Supreme Champ

Meg ISDS 282283- Angie Driscoll

pic (A. Driscoll) 2015 W Nat 9 2014 W Nat 7 2013 W Nat 6 2012 W Team 2